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Nov 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. a program that relies entirely on tax increases with no spending cuts? b. a program that requires $1 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases? or c. a program that requires at least $2 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases? the results of the black poll, arrived at by using a representative sample, and the tv guide poll differed. on the question about making bigger federal spending cuts, 97% of the respondents answered yes to the tv guide poll question. on the black poll, 5% favored a tax increase with no spending cuts, 27% favored a dollar-for-dollar cut on taxing and spending, and 60% favored a $2 cut in taxes for every $1 of spending cuts. it's easy to see from this example that the black poll had more depth and gave a more precise measure of opinion than did the tv guide poll. perot: if we simply keep asking the question, "is it right or wrong?" then we can get our country back on the track. poussaint: knowing something about good polling practices makes us appreciate that getting reliable polling results is trickier than it looks. it's time to pick up a shovel and
Oct 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
>> fundi requiment in the charte but it didn't tell you where that money comes fm there has to taxes ithe in the meantime to come up with that moy. so the questio i would then prop is that prop a lea unanswered is that where is the money going to come from and w shout puturselves othe hook >> supervisor rrell. >> thank you. the money isn't comi out of thin air but prop b this maudz that the city employees contribute 2 percent of their pay. and the city for 2008 matches that with o perce so new employees from as of009 two percent of their health care is ing sad it's not coming from taxpayers in san francisco it's fromity appes fm the city d county of san francisco >> mr. murphy. >> sure so one of the troubling points of prop a there's a catch all the amendment that the contributions of the employee and accident planned contribution by the city are insufficient to meet the requirements othe tth you fu the city is on the hook for the balance. which means in practical terms we have to cut fm somewhere else or raise taxes. and the picture o retee health care where we can fund health care
Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
federal spending on education. >> a budget that cuts what we don't need, poses wasteful tax loopholes that don't create jobs, free up resources to invest in the things that actually do help us grow like education and scientific research and infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports. they should not be an ideological exercise, we are just using common sense? . what is going to help us grow? what will expand our middle- class? those are the things we should be putting money into. >> internal records show north dakota has kept silent on scores of oil spill's over the past two years. according to the associated press, or dakota has reported nearly three hundred oil spills since january 20 12, but none of them publicly disclosed. it took 11 days before north dakota just recently announced that the tesoro oil spill that dumped more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil. dakota -- north dakota is the nation's second-largest oil producer. lou reed has died. a legend of the new york rock scene, he cofounded the velvet underground before going on to a prolific solo career. in hisater years, he took p
Nov 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
burials -- attests to the ability of the state to collect taxes in the form of labor, as well as goods and skills needed to put together and control a city of this size. keach: teotihuacan must have had an extensive bureaucracy. everywhere there is evidence of state management, of control. the layout of the city itself was planned. religious and government buildings line two main avenues, with house compounds arranged behind, in a grid pattern. warren barbour has studied these compounds since 1962. this is the central patio of the apartment compound, called sequala, which is a typical apartment compound at teotihuacan. it's about half a football field on the side. it contains a central patio, a temple on the east side, and four apartments. to get the picture of this, you have to see elaborate paintings on the lower sections of the walls... the upper walls painted like wallpaper in reds and whites and greens. the pillars would go up to roofs with wood and covered porticoes, where children would be sitting and playing a game like parchesi. you would see dogs walking around, food being co
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4